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Stadtjugendpflege Lauenburg
The Stadtjugendpflege Lauenburg/Elbe belongs to the "Gebietskörperschaft Stadt Lauenburg/Elbe". The Stadtjugendpflege is coordinating the youth work in Lauenburg, working primarily in open youth work" but is strongly connected with the secondary school, the social work in schools, the street work and with other associations working with youth as the city and school libraries etc. The city of Lauenburg/Elbe is a a model community in the project Commune goes international und has started a couple of years ago to develop the international youth work within the community. Additionally, Lauenburg participated in the IJAB-model-project Lernort Mobilität" and was therefore intensively working on the topic of validation and recognition of non-formal education and international youth work. Altogether, there are 52 employees (some full-time, some part-time) working in the team of Stadtjugendpflege among which there are social pedagogues, nursery school teachers and administrative staff.

Metsäkartano Youth Centre
Metsäkartano is part of a national network of 10 youth centres specialized in youth work. Their function is to develop the methods used in the field of youth work, to act as centres for furthering the skills of the youth, and enable young people’s traveling domestically and abroad. Purpose of Metsäkartano Youth and Wilderness Centre is to promote international youth co-operation, non-formal education and environmental
education. Being partner in a project like this strategic partnership supports our aim to encourage young people to participate and learn more about themselves and different cultures in a best possible way.

Centrum Edukacji i Pracy Mlodziezy OHP w Bialej Podlaskiej
Biala Podlaska

The Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP) is a state-run organisational unit working to prevent the social exclusion of young people. It is a labour market institution that performs state tasks directed towards teenagers over 15 years of age, and the unemployed under 25 years of age, that include employment services, counteract social marginalization and social exclusion, as well as tasks related to education and upbringing. During its long history, this organisation worked relentlessly for young generations of Poles who needed state support to start an independent life and meet the challenges of the modern labour market. The OHP structures consists of 721 organisational units and branches operating throughout Poland.

CEiPM OHP in Biala Podlaska is one of the network of 504 bodies implementing labour market initiatives, where young people may benefit from vocational counselling and guidance, job matching services, vocational training and information. CEiPM OHP is located in the east part of Poland in small town Biała Podlaska. The key functions are: actions intended to support the system of education through social, occupational, and economic activation of young people, actions that are supposed to improve vocational qualifications of people or to retrain them, backing any initiatives intended to counteract unemployment and to nurture youths in the process of work performance, including employment process organization and organization of international co-operation between young people around the world. The primary objective of CEiPM OHP is to create adequate conditions for proper social and vocational development of young people.

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Tokat Gaziosmanpasa Lisesi
Gazi Osman Pasa High School is an Anatolian public high school that admits its students according to high nation-wide standardized test (TEOG) scores. The primary languages of instruction are Turkish and English. The secondary foreign language is German. The school building, which is located in the city center consists of 18 smart class-rooms along with science laboratories and a conference room. There are 48 teachers at the High school. The number of administrative staff is 4, a principal, and three viceprincipals. The total number of the students is 580. It follows a co-education system. The school also has a dormitory for female students. It is one of the most historical schools of the city. Since it was founded in 1936, it has produced thousands of graduates. One major objective of our school is to prepare our students for higher education. Our
success rate in placing students in higher education ranks in the top places across the city and above the average throughout the country. It has always been successful in the activities related to sports and fine arts. It takes place in the scope of FATiH project

(movement of enhancing opportunities and Improving Technology).