NO YOUTH LEFT BEHIND – A bridge for inclusion

"strategic partnership of Lauenburg and its international partners from Turkey, Poland and Finland"

project objectives-Projektziele-hankkeen tavoitteiden-cele projektu- proje hedefleri

No youth left behind - a bridge for inclusion is a project developed by four organisations in Germany, Finland, Poland and Turkey.
It is funded as a "strategic partnership" by Erasmus+/Youth in Action.
With this project we would like to use our long-standing partnership to further develop the quality of international youth work and to try out new ways of participation of young people. Young people with specific challenges should experience and shape their participation through participation in transnational project meetings, through the co-development of the two youth encounters (as "blended mobilities") and through the exchange among themselves.

In parallel, we will observe and research and examine which procedures, methods and specific support are necessary in order to make real participation possible and encourage it.

The end result is therefore also a small "study", the results of which are intended to contribute to better addressing, involving and facilitating participation by young people with obstacles to access to international youth work projects.

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